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Entertainment Is Not Reality

Whether it’s porn or a mainstream movie, don’t believe all that you see. A film called The Sessions has received a lot of press and while many parts are realistic, some scenes are rather far from the truth.

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Only Yes Means Yes

When it comes to sexual interactions, “no means no” but lots of other things mean no too. Clear communication is important.

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The Science of Love

The New York Times recently reported on a developing field called interpersonal neurobiology. This field is exploring how love and emotional attachment affect our brains and our behaviour.

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Sex And Black Tape

Tom and Ray have made jokes about car owners solving their problems with a small piece of black tape… strategically placed over the check-engine light on the dashboard! Of course, a piece of black tape doesn’t solve anything at all; it … Continue reading

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Overcoming Jealousy

There’s a lot of advice out there about overcoming jealousy and much of it focuses on self-analysis and understanding what’s at the root of your feelings of jealousy. If it were that simple, we could think jealousy away and we … Continue reading

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A Funny Thing About Sex Therapy

My attitude toward life in general is that knowledge is usually a good thing, and more knowledge is often a better thing. But experience is often the best teacher of all.

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A Small Victory

The B.C. Supreme Court decision today essentially endorses the status quo for people who choose to have open or polyamorous relationships:

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