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The Science of Love

The New York Times recently reported on a developing field called interpersonal neurobiology. This field is exploring how love and emotional attachment affect our brains and our behaviour.

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Why Sex Sells

Last week a new study from York University added a bit more science to the well-known fact that “sexy” grabs people’s attention.  It’s rather simple, actually…

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Music To Your Brain

It’s no secret that music affects people’s moods.  In today’s MetroNews an article titled “Why music feels good” described some of the brain science behind music.  What I found interesting was that there has actually been a lot of research … Continue reading

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What’s on your mind?

I was pleasantly surprised earlier this week when I happened upon the current issue of U of T’s Varsity Magazine, which gives a collection of articles on the brain, including drug effects, MRI technology, a discussion about how technology is impacting our … Continue reading

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An Interesting Ride

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  If that’s true, I’m a lot more interesting than I was a year ago.

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