The Flavours of Sex

Sweet, salty, sour, bitter… what tastes do you enjoy? Probably not just one. And what about spicy… do you prefer hot, medium, mild or plain? Maybe your desire varies from day to day.

Sex is a smorgasbord, and sexual preferences are as individual as food preferences. Tastes can be quirky, too. For example, I really dislike cream cheese by itself, but I enjoy cheesecake – it’s just a matter of context and a few extra ingredients, and… Wow! Likewise, sexuality is one of those arenas where the “rules” of everyday life can disappear or be turned upside-down.

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry swirl… the flavours and combinations are endless. Fruits, vegetables, seafood… some people even eat insects! The only limits are one’s imagination and willingness to “go there” and find out how it tastes. After that, it’s simply a matter of preference.

There are delicacies, some of which are an “acquired” taste. Personally, I don’t like blue cheese.

I enjoy mushrooms, and I stick to the store-bought varieties. If you’re going “out into the wilds” to find the more exotic varieties, it’s better to go with an experienced guide or at least have a reference book rather than take your chances and get hurt. Some are edible, some will make you high, and some will kill you.

I’ve heard that fugu (pufferfish) is very tasty. But if the chef isn’t careful enough, the results can be deadly. Special training is needed, and there’s a small margin of error.

And the list goes on.

There’s no shame in liking a particular food. And there’s nothing shameful in enjoying a particular flavour of sex. But remember to be safe, sane and consensual. And before you bite off a big chunk of that chili pepper, you might want to taste it first!

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