An Interesting Ride

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  If that’s true, I’m a lot more interesting than I was a year ago.

The last 12 months have included a lot of training for me: Quodoushka 1, 2 and 3, HAI Levels 5 and 8, Path of the QadishtiTantric Fire and Somatic Experiencing,  And then there were conferences in October: Sex and Consciousness (more fun) and Brain, Mind and Body (more interesting).  And I’m currently in the middle of a 12-hour course on sex addiction. 

After attending all that training, I’m soon going to be providing some training of my own..  With a colleague, I’m co-facilitating Let’s Talk About Sex on December 5 to help other professionals assess their readiness for clients’ sexuality issues.  And just before that, I’ll be taking a brush-up course on couples therapy at the Gestalt Institute.  My next few weeks will be busy!

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